Tidewater Knitting Guild Retreat Packing check list

__ My knit along project (2 free raffle tickets!)

__ Washcloth for ice breaker in the color of pink, white, yellow, green, blue.

__ 10 yards of worsted yarn and needles for games on Saturday

__ Charity knit (one free raffle ticket!)

__ Cash to buy more raffle tickets

__ A show and tell project – especially one made from yarn from previous retreat

__ Guild name badge holder

__ Too many projects for one weekend and extra needles in case I need to start something new

__lap top or tablet if you would like for the Ravelry class with Liz

__materials for Michaela’s class- circular needles (6,7,8), matching crochet hooks, markers, waste yarn, life lines (dental floss) yarn in 3 colors (if you ordered from Baa Baa it will be available at the retreat)

__ Yarn, books, etc. for swap table

__ $$ for venders

__ Fun pjs for Saturday night

__ Clothes/toiletries

__ Medications/vitamins

__ Glasses

__ Phone/tablet/computer cords

__ Swimsuit for indoor pool

__ Band-Aids- just in case

__ Drinks/snacks/wine

__Reusable water bottle

__ A positive attitude and be ready for a weekend of fun!